Developed by a committee of upperclassmen DACA students and reviewed by Campus Life staff and Emory Faculty, Mariposa Scholars Programs is designed to connect undocumented students to a strong network of dedicated peers and faculty.

The Mariposa Scholars Program seeks to engage the spirit and diversity of Emory University by creating space for personal growth and community building through mentorship. At the heart of this initiative is the desire to empower undocumented students with resources and opportunities that will enrich their time at Emory and prepare them to make positive change in the world.

Each year, incoming undocumented students are invited to join this vibrant program and become connected with a trained faculty mentor.


Emory Campus Life and Mariposa Scholars have helped compile the following information on the various resources and information DACA students may need or utilize while at Emory.


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For more information, contact Danielle Bruce-Steele, Dr. Graves, or Dr. Kazama below.

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